Cable Pulling is an Important Part of Electrical Works in Any Building

Electrical cabling also called as electrical wiring is one of the important tasks in any construction work. The process of electrical work starts with the installation of electrical conduits (pipes). In the next stage, the electrical engineer will run (insert) the cable using a unique equipment called as cable pulling equipment. This is one of the featured equipment and in Australia, there are equipment with line pulling capacity of 500 kgs. Such machines are operated by a 4-hp petrol powered motor.

Minimize Faulty Cabling:

In fact, the cable pulling machines are available in different designs and with varying utilities. The use of cable pulling machine is entirely dependent on the type of cable to be pulled. On the other hand, in any cabling work, certain varieties of cables have a tendency to get entangled which can even result in faulty wiring. But, by using a suitable cable pulling equipment, you can ensure the cables are properly routed through the conduit. Thereby you can also ensure that cables do not get entangled and thus you can minimize the possibility of faulty wiring.

LAN Cabling:

The need for cable routing is not limited to electrical installation. Cable routing is an essential part of IT and computer data cabling. LAN cabling and structured cabling are an integral part of IT cabling works. In all such cases also the cabling is done using a suitable type of cable pulling equipment.

Physical Examination of the Cable:

Electrical conductors (wires) are designed to work in varying temperatures and moisture. Certain varieties of cables have a tendency to become brittle when they are exposed to very cold conditions. Similarly, there are also conductors that do not withstand moisture beyond certain levels.  Therefore, before pulling the cable with the help of cable pulling equipment in Australia, you should ascertain the specifications of the cable and also physically examine the cable. By doing so, you can prevent damages being caused to the cable.

The Number of Bends Provided in Cable Routing:

The efficiency of the equipment cable pulling is also dependent on the type and size of the raceway and also the number of bends provided in the raceway. Higher the bends, higher will be the chances of the conductor (wire) getting damaged. Depending on the number of bends, you can also use high-pressure air so that the conductor (wire) is conveniently pulled out of the bends. More information brand name: TEN The Energy Network

Additional Utilities Available:

Some of the modern equipment for cable pulling operations are provided with various control gadgets like the analog dynamometer which measure the tension and load of the cable.  Similarly, in order to ensure smooth operations, the cable pulling machines are provided with hydraulic pullers.  Depending on the load of the cable, sometimes you may have to use a suitable type of lubricant so as to ease the process of cable pulling.

Hire the Machine:

Further, the efficiency of the cable pulling machine is also dependent on proper maintenance of the equipment. Some of the manufacturers market cheap cable pulling equipment with several versatile features. Further, they also offer cable pulling machines on a rental basis.

Buy/Hire Innovative Machine:

Cable pulling machine is a very useful gadget because it helps in completing the cabling work at the earliest possible time. You may buy/hire the machine from reputed firms like the because such firms provide machines of superior quality and with varying innovative features.