Asset Tracking Solution Using Technology to Keep Track

Businesses which are based on providing services to their customers invariably work on very tight schedules and deadlines. Any delays, even once, can put off a customer and in some cases loss of business from the customer forever. The trucking and transportation business can be listed among the top ones which require those managing the business to be on the alert 24/7. The challenge is magnified by the fact that the businesses depend a great deal on machines and men, and activities are spread over a large geography. In a country like Australia, for example, the trucking companies have to invest in a reliable asset tracking solution to stay ahead of competition in the business.

How does it Work

A typical Future Fleet asset tracking solution, for example, is a GPS based software solution that helps in real time monitoring of vehicles while on the move. Beyond just indicating the location of the vehicle, whether it is a truck or a trailer or a container, the system can generate a number of reports at the central monitoring cell. These reports can indicate the distance covered by the vehicle, the average speed the driver drove at and other such relevant information that can give the owner or the manager sitting at the head quarters, the knowledge and the satisfaction that the vehicle is on course, and nothing untoward is expected.

Some Advanced Features Too

The asset tracking solution can even provide details on the condition of the vehicle; if its ignition is switched on or off and also if it is a refrigerated truck carrying perishable articles, the temperature being maintained inside. This is important since the customers would have hired their services to safely deliver such goods and keeping them under the conditioned temperature is quite critical to the business itself. By keeping the owner informed of this in real time, the Future Fleet asset tracking solution, for example, actually assists the operation even if the driver was busy driving.

Good at Difficult Conditions Also

Another positive factor about this asset tracking solution is that it takes care of all possible situations the moving vehicle might encounter. One is the very location tracking itself even if the vehicles were to enter remote areas where the normal signals may not be available. The other is that the suppliers provide weatherproofing to the kit so that irrespective of where the asset is moving, conditions like rain or snow cannot damage it.

Power Backup Provided

There are also times when there is a trailer attached to the prime mover and the trailer is not provided with any power arrangement. Within the asset tracking solution, there can be provisions for solar power to be made available so that the connectivity is seamless, and the reports are generated 24/7. Since it is a proprietary technology, the suppliers remain committed to upgrading it to be compatible with the latest improvements in related fields as well. This will ensure that the customers, the trucking companies, are never made to feel left behind.

Moving goods across large countries like Australia through a fleet of vehicles and assets can be a daunting task unless helped by latest technological tools to keep track of them in real time.