5 Negative Effects of Sharing the Bed with Your Child

Do you have your child sleep in your bedroom every night? Even if you love to cuddle while sleeping, you have to admit that having a peaceful night’s sleep seem to be a rarity nowadays. However, you have to make a decision now whether to have your child sleep in its own bedroom. Though this might be appalling for a few parents, kids beds can, in fact, prevent numerous health and developmental problems.

kids beds

The list below will specifically detail each negative effect of not having your child sleep in his or her own bed.


According to the 2013 statistics by Health Direct, 54 of the 117 recorded deaths in babies have been attributed to SIDS. Moreover, there could possibly be around 130 to 150 unrecorded cases of fatal sleep accidents, which raise the concern of whether you must sleep with your child. Although toddlers between the ages of one and three may have lower risks of dying during sleep, this somehow remains to be a huge reason for you to get kids beds or cot beds.


Development is crucial in a child’s early formative years. Unlike adults, toddlers need more sleep. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, your little one should have about 12 to 14 hours of sleep within the entire day, and this includes naptime. Unfortunately, letting your tiny tot sleep in your bed may prevent him or her from getting enough sleep than required. Moreover, it also increases the risk of falling during naps, since your bed is most likely not equipped with side rails.


Kids beds will provide enough room for your little one to move during sleep. As National Sleep Foundation has claimed, toddlers may tend to move a lot during sleep. And having your child sleep with you may cause numerous issues. You might wake up from a kick in the stomach or a punch in the eye because of your hyperactive kid. This does not even include wakefulness during the wee hours and resistance from sleeping, which are apparently a whole different problem altogether.


When you have your child or children sleep in the same bedroom as you, you may no longer get to delight in private moments with your spouse. Especially during a long day of work, you might want peace and quiet inside the comforts of your own room. However, with kids around, you might soon feel stressed because you no longer have the luxury of enjoying your own privacy.


Toddlers tend to struggle for independence, which explains why your child may tend to burst in temper tantrums when a request is rejected. However, when you let your child have his or her own bed, you are promoting independence, which helps with improving a child’s development and attitude. By doing this, you are letting your little one rely on his own resources when upset, frightened, or anxious, thus increasing sense of confidence and strength.

Letting your children sleep in their own bedroom trains them in becoming independent and confident in the future. In addition, it is also important to let the beds fit a child’s developmental needs as he or she grows. Cabin beds and a bed with desk are just some of the children’s beds Melbourne has to offer that suits a growing family. If you are looking for designs for your kid’s bedroom, check out the likes of Fitting Furniture for a variety of choices. Visit their website at https://www.fittingfurniture.com.au/home/kids-beds.

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